Gift Shop


Looking for the perfect gift? We’ve got shelves and shelves of them!  From edibles to huggables, you’ll find something sure to please the young and the young-at-heart!

(Located on Street Level)

*Hallmark Cards
*Stonewall Kitchen
*Byers’ Choice
*Springbok Puzzles

Evergreen Enterprises
*Wendell August

Made in the USA*Companies featuring items Made in USA

Gift Shop Beaded Blue Jay2016-08-06T14:24:21+00:00
Dunham's beaded blue jay
Gift Shop Byers Choice Santa & Mrs. Clause2016-08-06T14:23:50+00:00
Dunham's Byers Choice Santa and Mrs. Clause
Gift Shop Byers Choice Wall2016-08-06T14:23:24+00:00
Dunham's Byers Choice
Gift Shop Mugs on Tree2016-08-06T14:22:51+00:00
Dunham's coffee mugs
Gift Shop Ornaments2016-08-06T14:22:18+00:00
Dunham's ornaments
Gift Shop Flags & Doormats2016-08-06T14:21:56+00:00
Dunham's doormats and flags
Gift Shop Day Dreamers2016-08-06T14:21:28+00:00
Dunham's day dreamers
Gift Shop Angels2016-08-06T14:21:02+00:00
Dunham's angels in gift shop
Gift Shop Shelves of Mugs2016-08-06T14:20:38+00:00
Dunham's mugs for gifts
Gift Shop Decorative Pillows2016-08-06T14:20:00+00:00
Dunham's decorative pillows
Gift Shop Plaques with Sayings2016-08-06T14:19:07+00:00
Dunham's plaques with sayings
Gift Shop Glass Plates2016-08-06T14:18:44+00:00
Dunham's decorative dishes and pumpkins
Gift Shop Stuffed Animals2016-08-06T14:18:14+00:00
Dunham's stuffed animals
Gift Shop Wind Chimes2016-08-06T14:17:50+00:00
Dunham's chimes and outdoor hanging decor
Gift Shop Gift Wrap2016-08-06T14:16:58+00:00
Dunham's gift wrap